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Pre Research

1. We will first identify your investment objectives, then define a criterion of necessity and possible risk, and initiate a Pre Research into your investment objectives.

Reliable information derived from pre research, will enable you to make an educated decision relating to your investment objectives, and whether to proceed forward or adjust your objectives in another direction... More on Pre Research

Buying Pre-construction Condos

In general, most condo development projects in the Playa del Carmen area are 50% sold before breaking ground. Developers often offer their lowest discounts on a small number of units sold at pre-construction. When these pre-construction units are sold, prices increase incrementally as more and more units are sold.

Riviera Maya Investment Market Opportunity

Latin America has emerged as a place of opportunity during the U.S. downturn. A recent report by consultancy Ernst & Young cited the region for its steady economic growth yet relative affordability when compared to the United States and Europe .

Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Latin America , and the world's fastest growing town (by a rate of 26% per annum), according to the Guinness Book of Records.

The Yucatan Peninsula , which includes Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, generates over 70% of Mexico 's $13 billion in tourism revenue.
... More on Riviera Maya Investment Opportunities

Real Estate Investment Funds .................Top

For investment objectives a bit broader and more stable, we've assembled a few Real Estate Investment Fund opportunities for you to browse.

These funds partner with local architects and contractors on all projects and are therefore able to control costs and production delays by keeping the majority of the work in-house. Their competitive advantage is that they can develop a property completely. From original groundbreaking of undeveloped properties to the sales of completed residential housing, they remain in control.

With an estimate of a 12-16 month return of principle and 40%-60% profit on each, these Real Estate Investment Funds can be very attractive in less than stable environment.
... More on Real Estate Investment Funds

Development Projects ...............................Top

Working with Certified Master of Appraisals of Mexico , the property or properties of your interest will be meticulously evaluated and appraised in relation to relevant adjacent properties in each area, ensuring an accurate market value assessment.

Within our more than fifteen years of collective experience in owning and operating successful local and international businesses, we've encountered and befriended numerous individuals that have escalated into prominent offices within the local governments.

It's with these concrete friendships, cultivated associations and business relationships that were able to assist you with your real estate development projects.
... More on Project Development Appraisals

We will guide you through each step of each process ensuring you're completely informed, fully understand and are satisfied your objectives have been properly addressed.

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