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Pre Research

  1. We will first identify your investment objectives, then define a criterion of necessity and possible risk, and initiate a pre research into your investment objectives.
    • Immigration
    • Real Estate Services
    • Business or Corporate Services
    • Project Developments

      Reliable information derived from pre research, will enable you to make an educated decision relating to your investment objectives, and whether to proceed forward or adjust your objectives in another direction.

  2. If the pre research information substantiates your investment objectives, we can begin an In Depth Research into every aspect of your investment objective, supplying you with the most accurate investment information possible.

No matter how simple or elaborate your objectives, there are numerous issues which should be considered before purchasing or starting a local business.

When Purchasing a Local Business .......Top

Examine corporate structure, by laws and minutes for:
1. Type of Mexican corporate structure
2. Identify owners and percentage of ownership
3. Review corporate records for:
1. Accounting Irregularities
2. Tax liabilities
3. Public disputes or leans
4. Outstanding debts
5. Private Disputes filed with City

Starting a Mexican Corporation.............Top

  1. Select three names and submit them to the Notario
  2. Corporate guidance
    1. Type of Corporate Entity
    2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. File Articles with the Notario
  4. Obtain a Tax ID from the Hacienda (Federal Tax)
  5. Register with the Social Security, if you plan on having employees
  6. File documents to obtain an Import/Export license permit
  7. Have facturas printed- a Mexican receipt for a receipt
  8. Prepare and file documentation with Immigrations
  9. Update FM3's
  10. Prepare documentation to open business or personal checking accounts

Corporate Guidance ...........................Top

  1. When starting a Mexican corporation, you must be specific and list anything you might conceivably want to offer within the business or service. 
  2. It is very difficult and expensive to go back and add items once the corporation has been established.
  3. The options and scenarios are numerous and should be well thought out in advance. Once we understand your current and future investment objectives, we can design a structure or structures to meet your needs today, while keeping tomorrow in mind, and providing you with a solid foundation for success.. More on Corporate Guidance


When importing goods into Mexico , provided it's on the permitted list that day, you'll be charged a sales tax of 15% on invoiced amount and a 35% duty. Next add the current inflated international shipping costs, import/export broker's fees, and any special "hidden" costs.

Due to these significant hurdles, costs and required documentation, we've formed an Import/Export Company and work with reliable import export agents that will guide your goods through the customs significant procedures.
.. More on Importing and Exporting Licenses

We strongly recommend a comprehensive investigation of every transaction and all parties related to each transaction, to advert unexpected conclusions.

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