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Mexico Tourism Board Launches International Media Campaign on the Expedia Network

The Mexico Tourism Board and Expedia, Inc. announced an online media partnership to promote in-bound tourism to Mexico . Mexico is working closely with Expedia® Media Solutions Group to develop targeted advertising campaigns on Expedia sites throughout North America and Europe . These campaigns will go beyond the usual online display advertising and will integrate with Expedia's selection of airline, hotel, transport and activities options for travel in and around Mexico .

" Expedia's global customer base and leadership in online travel make it the ideal partner to help Mexico reach travelers with our invitation to come experience the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage Mexico has to offer," said Carlos Behnsen , chief marketing officer of the Mexico Tourism Board. "We recognize the importance of the Internet as the preferred channel for booking travel among a majority of consumers, especially in North America and Europe . Therefore, this partnership will reinforce our leadership in the market because of all the different destinations we have to offer"

The partnership represents the most significant signed to date by Expedia Media Solutions Group, given Mexico 's role as one of the top destination countries booked by Expedia travelers each year. The new agreement also builds on the existing partnership between Expedia and the Mexico Tourism Board forged in 2006 when Mexico joined the World Heritage Alliance -- an initiative founded by Expedia and the UN Foundation to promote sustainable tourism and the preservation and enhancement of historic, cultural and natural treasures and landmarks.

" Mexico offers a wealth of natural, cultural and historical treasures for travelers to discover in addition to a distinctive blend of quality and value as a destination," said Doug Miller, vice president of Expedia Media Solutions Group. "As the most highly visited network of travel websites in the world, Expedia is pleased to serve as a highly valuable marketing channel for Mexico , providing exposure to potential visitors from around the globe."