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Mexican Corporate Structures

To establish a corporation, foreigners must have an FM-3 . If you do not have an FM-3, another option is to purchase shares in an existing Mexican corporation, which you can then use to file for an FM-3.

A Mexican corporation is a Mexican entity, even if the stockholders are all foreigners. There can be as few as two stockholders. Certain documents are required, such as bank statements, passport or visa and photos.

RIS will guide you through each step of each process ensuring you're completely informed, fully understand and are satisfied your objectives have been properly addressed. 

Types of Mexican Corporations

  1. Commercial Mexican corporations
    Sociedad Anónima - is most commonly used in business
  2. Mexican Civil Entities
  3. Mexican Civil Law Partnerships  

Starting a Mexican Corporation...........................Top

  1. Select three names and submit them to the Notario
  2. Corporate guidance
    1. Type of business
    2. Type of Corporate Entity
      1. Articles of Incorporation
      2. Percentages of ownership
      3. Titles and importance of each title
    3. Possible ownership of a foreign entity
  3. File Articles with the Notario
    We will complete all the initial preparation so at the time of signing, you can review the documentation, sign and get started doing business in Mexico
  4. Obtain a Tax ID from the Hacienda (Federal Tax)
  5. Register with the Social Security, if you plan on having employees
  6. File documents to obtain an Import/Export license permit, if required
  7. Have facturas printed- a Mexican receipt for a receipt
    Facturas are need to deduct business expenses from your monthly state and federal taxes, as well from your end of year federal tax statements.
  8. Prepare and file documentation with Immigrations
  9. Update FM3's
  10. Prepare documentation to open business or personal checking accounts
  11. Additional permits may be required specific to certain industries

What to Consider Before Incorporating ................Top

When starting a Mexican corporation, you must be specific and list anything you might conceivably want to offer within the business or service. 

  1. Will you have Employees
  2. Purchase, sell or lease Real Estate
  3. Retail Businesses
    1. Food, clothing, alcohol
    2. Anything associated while operating these business
  4. Service Businesses
    1. Which type of service
    2. Anything associated while offering the services

It is very difficult and expensive to go back and add items once the corporation has been established.

Depending on how simple or elaborate your objectives, there are numerous issues which should be considered before incorporating and how or if you may want multiple companies to interrelate, such as:

  1. Limit liability
  2. Tax strategies
  3. Corporation to hold property or equipment
  4. Corporation for sales or employees

The options and scenarios are numerous and should be well thought out in advance. Once we understand your current and future investment objectives, we can design a structure or structures to meet your needs today, while keeping tomorrow in mind, and providing you with a solid foundation for success.


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