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Mexican Notarios

Notario". These are not notaries as we know them in the US. These are not notaries as we know them in the US. The name is similar, however, the Notario in Mexico has incredibly vaster powers.

The notario is a keeper of the public record: A licensed attorney, willing to forsake litigation, who passes the notario exam and is appointed by the state. The number of notarios in a county is based on population. This restricts the number of notarios and thus guarantees their millionaire status. For example, Ensenada with a population of 457,387 has only five notarios.

Notarios must put their approval on all property transfers, publicly recorded contracts, wills and public registry of all corporations. As you can imagine, they are very busy people. Notarios, like all professionals, vary in terms of: competency, accessibility and promptness of completed work.


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