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Mexican Factura

A Factura is the legal receipt given for goods and services in Mexico that can be used for business expenses or for deductions in Mexico businesses. The receipts you receive from most vendors are not facturas but "Nota De Remission" (a simple receipt). You must generally ask for and or go to a special office, window (caja) or cashier to receive the official receipt known as a Factura. You will have to provide your company's address, legal corporation name and tax identification number which is called a R.F.C. or Registro Federal de Contribuyente.

A Factura must include a copy of the sellers "cedula" or tax seal with their R.F.C number, their company address and phone number. When filled out correctly it must also have the items purchased, prices in pesos and the sales tax (I.V.A.) separately included with the grand total amount also written out in letters on the factura.

To obtain a RFC number you must apply wherever you will be doing business at the local Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Publico (SCHP). "Hacienda" as it is more commonly referred to here in Mexico is the equivalent to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Whether you are doing business as a corporation or a sole proprietorship (use of personal RFC) you must have an R.F.C. number as well as you must obtain a personal one for filing your personal income tax here in Mexico if you must do so


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