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Sociedad Anónima

The "Sociedad Anónima" (Limited Liability Stock Company, also known as the corporation) is a company with a denomination (made-up name) consisting of shareholders whose only obligation is to deliver the portions they subscribe to (in the corporate capital) and which are attributable to the company, which parts are represented by negotiable instruments (stock), (no bearer instruments/stock), and which company parts may or may not be of restricted transferability (depending on the company bylaws).

This type of company requires a minimum of two stockholders in order to incorporate and exist. This type of company may, (if set in the articles of incorporation) have a variable capital portion which would permit it to raise or lower the variable portion without changing the articles of incorporation or bylaws (however it would require an extraordinary shareholders' meeting).

This company type description (at the end of the name) can be abbreviated by the letters "S. A.", or if of the variable capital type then "S.A. de C.V.". This company is a capital type company (no personal) and is the one most commonly used in business in Mexico.


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