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Corporate Guidance

To establish a corporation, foreigners must have an FM-3. If you do not have an FM-3, another option is to purchase shares in an existing Mexican corporation, which you can then use to file for an FM-3.

A Mexican corporation is a Mexican entity, even if the stockholders are all foreigners. There can be as few as two stockholders. Certain documents are required, such as bank statements, passport or visa and photos.

RIS will guide you through each step of the Mexican Incorporation process ensuring you're completely informed, fully understand and are satisfied your objectives have been properly addressed.

1. Types of Mexican Corporations
2. What to consider before incorporating

Starting a Mexican Corporation.........................Top

  1. Select three names and submit them to the Notario
  2. Corporate guidance
    1. Type of Corporate Entity
    2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. File Articles with the Notario
  4. Obtain a Tax ID from the Hacienda (Federal Tax)
  5. Register with the Social Security, if you plan on having employees
  6. File documents to obtain an Import/Export license permit
  7. Have facturas printed- a Mexican receipt for a receipt
  8. Prepare and file documentation with Immigrations
  9. Update FM3's
  10. Prepare documentation to open business or personal checking accounts

Purchasing an Existing Mexican Corporation.....Top

We strongly recommend a comprehensive investigation of every transaction and all parties related to each transaction, to advert unexpected conclusions.

Examine corporate structure, by laws and minutes for:
1. Type of Mexican corporate structure
2. Identify owners and percentage of ownership
1. Who holds which office
2. Percentages of ownership
3. Current owners of each percentage
4. Expose possible private agreements that may lead to percentage of ownership
5. Ownership of foreign entities
3. Review corporate records for:
1. Accounting Irregularities
2. Tax liabilities
3. Public disputes or leans
4. Outstanding debts
5. Private Disputes filed with City


To fully protect your investment objectives and Mexican corporation identity in Mexico , we strongly recommend trade-marking your corporate identity to further secure your business and its future objectives.

Banking Relationships........................................Top

There are several international banks available in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Some work well with corporations and individuals, while others we simply wouldn't recommend. Depending on your business interests here and abroad, we will provide you with reliable information to enable you to make the decision for your investment objective.
.. More On International Banks in The Rivera Maya

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