How Can We Exceed Your Expectations?

Reliable Investment Solutions is a group of multidisciplinary professionals that are specialists in accounting, payroll, business services, legal services, tax planning, and investment Strategies. 
We will use our 15+ years of experience and resources to be proactive, to find solutions and to search out the most effective and efficient ways to reduce exposure and retain profits.
Shane Mullholand is a successful business person from the United States and has been in Playa del Carmen doing business for over 14 years.  In 2004 he came to Playa del Carmen and bought the Tequila Barrel. 
The Tequila Barrel is a landmark business, and must see, must visit place in Playa del Carmen.   Currently the Tequila Barrel is going through yet another growth phase and evolving into the Tequila Barrel Bar and Casino. 
Shane Mullholand is also the founder of SALT Tequila.  SALT Tequila is a 100% Agave Tequila flavored,with three flavors chocolate, citrus and berry. 
SALT Tequila was created to appeal to more than just the staunch tequila drinkers, but to have a broad base appeal that everyone can enjoy.  Currently SALT Tequila is being sold across Mexico and the United States.
Doing buiness in Mexico is very different, difficult and its hard to find people you can trust.  Also, the ever changing Mexican government system of taxation, laws and regulations make it difficult to stay up-to-date, while remaining focused on your business or objective.
Shane Mullholand has successfully been doing business in Mexico for over fourteen years, and opened Reliable Investment Solutions to make available his 14+ years of experience of and trusted resources.  This experience and trusted resources will be used to be proactive, find solutions and search out the most effective and efficient ways to reduce your exposure and retain profits.
Ricardo del Valle Prieto has been doing business in Playa del Carmen for over 22 years building an extensive network of important contacts and relationships across all spectrums of business, local and state governments. 
Ricardo is currently the Vice President of the National Chamber of Restaurants, the Business Council of Playa del Carmen, member of the City Council of Playa del Carmen and many more.  He is also a restaurateur, real estate developer and many other areas of investment. 
Using his 22 years of experience, contacts and relationships, Ricardo built International Consulting to help other business people and investors navigate the complexities of doing business in a foreign country.  
International Consulting has been operating for over 14 years specializing in any type of license, permits, condominium regimes, immigration and countless other business services.
Recurso CSL.- consists of a group of lawyers and accountants who have a wide range of knowledge in fiscal and administrative matters. With professional practice and extensive experience.
With 10 years of experience, safeguarding the safety of our customers, through innovation and quality of our services.
We seek to be part of the fiscal and strategic planning of our clients. We mainly attend the CCC * values (Quality, Commitment and Trust).
In CSL Resource We seek the satisfaction of our clients through the implementation of strategies and planning, which allow a proper optimization of their resources.
CSL Resource, leading company in the market in our services, and we continue positioning ourselves constantly in the best every year.
S & G LEGAL is a Law Firm specializing in the provision of comprehensive legal services, characterized by meeting the needs of the client from a strategic, financial and business perspective.
The Firm is founded integrating the professional practice of highly qualified lawyers, with a reputation based on providing comprehensive, sophisticated legal services committed to excellence.
Our commitment to clients is not only to mitigate their risks, but also to discover new business opportunities. The objective of the Firm is to be the option chosen by clients to structure their most sophisticated business operations and resolve their most complex legal issues.
Our attorneys are leaders in their area of ​​specialty and participate permanently in discussion forums on new and important topics for the practice areas of the Firm. Most of the lawyers and professionals of our Firm have studies and professional experience in universities and offices abroad.
Our Firm represents clients in Mexico and abroad, providing them with the comprehensive legal advice that companies require to compete more efficiently within different industries in a globalized business world. The Firm’s clients include both Mexican and transnational companies, which participate in a wide range of economic activities, including industry, commerce and services. The members of the Firm are constantly involved in the structuring of schemes for foreign investment in Mexican territory.
In G8D, we have more than 10 years of experience collaborating with some of the most important Companies in Mexico. We are a Holistic Creative Communication Agency specialized in Branding, Advertising and Creation of Leads for a broad range of Industries.
With our different Teams of Experts we offer Solutions in the fields of:
– Commercial Strategy
– Creativity
– Graphic Design
– Web Development
– Social Networking
– Video & Post-Production
– Music & Audio
– Special Events
The road toward meeting investor goals starts with a conversation and the building of trust. We need to know “who” our clients are before we can begin down the path of “what” they desire to accomplish. Through our process, we talk with clients about first their needs, goals, and dreams.
Reliable Investment Solutions will guide you through each step of each process ensuring you’re completely informed, fully understand and satisfied your objectives have been met or exceeded. 
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